New Android version coming up

The work on v1.46 for Android did go a little faster than I thought so I will be releasing it later today. I even managed to get some other stuff in there too. So here goes:

* Added support for tilesets. To be used (in the future) in themes but at the moment, only we can change tilesets
* One alternative tileset added and activated
* Added another seasonal joker to be activated at the right time
* Support for Draw in a fight, which happens if all active players make a pass two times in a row.
* New gift: CleanUp. To be sent to those incapable of placing tiles at the recommended positions
* You can no longer GoOutWithABang in a fight, meaning you need to make your opening meld FIRST before finishing the fight. (Hoarders will hate this). Exception: You are allowed to GOWAB if you do it during the first 10 rounds of the fight
* TetPuz now stores it’s state after every move which makes it possible to leave a current game and continue when back… or continue if the app crashes.
* TetPuz is now running in full screen (no statusbar) and notifications are shown on the infotext area instead

* Adjusted the color of the tiles just a little for dim screens
* New design of the EndGameDialog backgrund

* TimeLeft-circle now updates in still active fights where YOU are excluded
* ChangeName in Settings could sometimes fetch cached information instead of the very latest
* AND FINALLY: Notifications work again on the free version

The new version will probably be available in about 5 hours. Need to go X-mas shopping for the kids first. Happy 21’st of dec. We are still alive and as long as we are, I will keep on improving RummyFight for you.


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