Working on v2.11 for Android and iOS

I will try to release all four apps at the same time in a week or so (RummyFight, RummyFight-Lite for iOS and RummyFight, RummyFight-Free for Android).

The release will be called v2.11 and will contain a lot of bug fixes but also new features. This is what I have added/changed/implemented so far

* Replaced the german word Reihen (Runs) to Straßen
* Replaced the swedish word Gåva (Gift) to Present
* Replaced the swedisg word Lista (Bookmarks) to Vänlista

* Close button now has a click sound
* When using english language, ProfileDialog now translates LastActive
* HTML information is now in correct size when used in dialogs
* Individual Statistics is now redesigned to look better
* You can now write a private note on a player (to remember something for yourself)
* If a player has played Tetpuz, his/her best score is now shown in ProfileDialog
* You can now change your own description in ProfileDialog
* FeedbackDialog in ABOUT now looks and fit the screen better
* In CHAT, click and longpress on a profile pic has now swapped functionality
* In WaitMatchDialog a click on a profile pic now plays the click sound

* Texts in buttons now always fit (size changed if needed)

* Times in the chat now updates every second
* New “Start Fight”-button in the chat allowing quick starts with people in the chat

* Chat icon is now a little animated
* New icon (Gift) that is visible if there is a gift not yet viewed in a fight
* A Fight is now alerting also if it’s only 10 minutes or less left
* Fixed bug that made a fight still “flash” even though you had accepted it

* FightClock is now moved in from off screen
* Possibility to Disable/Enable a theme from within a fight
* Dutch text in FastForward-button does fit now

* Listbox is corrected so that all friends fit (if you have many)
* Added search filter for “Last active”. (Latest day, latest week etc)
* Increased number of possible search results from 50 to 100
* Filter on age does not anymore return players without their age set

* Instructions for dutch players are now in dutch instead of swedish 🙂
* Highscore names are now clickable and opens ProfileDialog
* Fixed bug that sometimes didn’t save scores correctly in server

* New Gift: Sadness
* New Gift: Balloons
* New Gift: (I won’t tell you this one – you will have to find it yourself)
* Fireworks fixed and works now again
* Improved the looks of Hearts-gift and Broom-gift
* Color corrected some gifts that was more yellow than others

All these things are implemented in the next iOS version now. Next week I will implement them in Android too.

RummyFight is unfortunately NOT the same app for both systems but two completely different projects and code so I can’t use anything from one system to another. If I add a balloon to iOS, I have to open the Android project and add the balloon there too.

But that’s just the way it is.

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