Dear Santa

Dear Santa. All I want for next years christmas is that Apple finds a way to speed up their approval process of apps and that they for once begin to care about their developers instead of closing down the whole approval process between the 21st and 29th of december every year.

Version 1.46 of RummyFight has now been released to both Android (Google Play and Amazon App Store) and iOS (Apple AppStore). This is the results so far:

Google Play: Approved and available after 50 minutes
Amazon: Approved and available after 4 days
Apple: They haven’t even begun looking at it and it’s been 7 days now.

So dear Santa. Please send some of your elfs to Apple to help them out during 2013 because I really would like them to shorten their review times to 0-2 days because that is the reasonable time it should take to approve an update for an existing app.

7 days and counting and since Apple has closed their submission and approval portal until the 29th of dec, it’s very possible that v1.46 for iOS will not be available until next year.

Thanks Santa.

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