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And the progress continues

Things tend to stand still for several days and then take giant leaps forward. This is due to the fact that I’m still learning how to do things on iOS. The thing I’ve been busy with is the dialogs. This is pure Cocoa programming with UIViews and everything which means I have no use for the things I’ve learned about Cocos2D programming here.

But I think I’ve gotten the hang of it finally. Now there are pickerviews, imageviews, lables, textfields, delegates and everything and it actually works… but I do need to do something about the looks. It’s not exactly what you would call “iOS-professionally looking”… yet.

But function comes before beauty at the moment.

So now we have a ThemeGallery dialog, a SearchPlayer dialog and several ChangeName/ChangeEmail/ChangePass etc for the Settings. Yes, the settings are finally done. Works nice. Now I’m off to bed. Need some beauty sleep too. But you might disagree after you have looked at the pic below. Yes, it’s me there. Do I need sleep you think?