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Well, hello themes

It’s been two busy weeks with my daytime job, kids and illness so there hasn’t been that much work with iOS-RF as I would have hoped. However there’s still some progress being made. One problem I have faced is the lack of a proper dialog class in Cocoa. Sure, we have Alertdialog for simple YES/NO situations but as soon as you have a need for more than 2 buttons or button texts larger than 6-8 letters, the Alertdialog looks like shit since the buttons are placed below each other instead of the sides.

So this meant I had to invent my own dialog class from the bottom up which means I now have a MyDialog base class with all the basic dialog functionality in and then I create subclasses of it, like ProfileDialog, ThemeGalleryDialog etc. It works but I need to work some more on the visuals I think.

But functionality comes before beauty in this case anyway. At least at first.

So in honor of my new dialog class, I have implemented the ThemeGalleryDialog which also means that my FetchThemeInfo-class is working which fetches the theme bitmaps and the theme information from the server and caches it on the local device.

And I must say, it looks pretty good so far. Now my next task is to create a Dropdown-control. I find it a bit strange that this is not a standard control in iOS. Something as simple as choosing something from a list of options is not there. Yes sure, there is the Picker control but it’s HUGE. It uses up way too much space for my taste.

So I once again must reinvent the wheel. Ah well. I’m getting used to it now.


Looking pretty similar

Even though there’s clearly a resolution drawback of the iPhone 3GS, I think the two versions manage to look pretty similar anyway. I just have to work some on the text colors. It seems that the same color codes doesn’t provide the same visual colors on the screen. Maybe it’s the old “Mac -> PC” gamma differences that’s talking?

Or maybe I should show them in their native resolutions instead. Just to be able to bash once more about the low resolution of the iPhone 3GS. Thank god Apple finally realized they were behind and released the Retina for the iPhone 4.


Well hello there, ProfilePics

Fetching files at runtime from external web server… check.
Storing files in local cache… check
Retreiving picture file from local cache and attach it to sprite… check

Looking quite good, considering the low resolution of the iPhone 3Gs.



Doing other things

Yesterday I spent with the Android version of RummyFight, releasing it’s v1.28 to the public. Just because my focus is on the iOS-version doesn’t mean I must forget about the original. New in v1.28 are bugfixes, memory optimizations, some new functions and support for Speedgames. (Speedgames are fights with roundtimes less than 24 hours).

So now the people who prefer to play fights as fast as possble can also use RummyFight.

Later today I was planning on doing some work with the iOS-RF but when I woke up this morning, the main server for RummyFight was dead.

Stone dead

It didn’t even respond to the power button.

So instead if eating a good breakfast and go to work, I had to work hard on getting the backup system up and running. After about three hours RummyFight was back online and available to the public.

And I’m tired and hungry