Time for an update

Been working quite hard the last week or so with the next version releases for both the iOS and Android versions. At the moment, version 1.45 is available for Android but only v1.41 for iOS. Now, this is not as dramatic as it sounds since v1.42 up to v1.45 for Android are quick releases with improved graphics but we would like both the version numbers and the functionalities to be as close as possible.

So, today I have sent v1.46 for iOS to Apple for approval. This will probably take about a week before it becoming available for download. During that week, I will work on the same version for Android which then will become available at about the same time since it takes about 15 minutes for Google to make an update available for download.

So why not release v1.45 of the iOS-version instead and have them using the same version number?
Well, we could do that but we also like to put new stuff into each release so the new iOS version is actually ahead of v1.45 which makes it incorrect to name it v1.45.

So what will be new in v1.46 then? Well, this is implemented already in the coming iOS-version and will be put into the coming v1.46 for Android too:

* Added support for different tilesets. This will in the future be used for user designed tiles but at the moment only we can switch between different appearences of the tiles.
* Added a tile counter inside the fights showing the number of tiles on the rack
* Added a Clear cache button in Settings to be used by those with limited space on their devices
* Tetpuz now stores the game after every move, meaning you can leave a game and continue later. This also means that if your device or app dies, you won’t lose your game.
* Added possibility to search for players based on blocking
* New gift in fights: CleanUp! To be sent to those incapable of placing tiles at the preferred locations
* Added support for Draw in fights which means that if all active players make 2 pass in a row, the fight is finished and all active players receive 0 points as prize.
* Added two new seasonal jokersets to be activated by us at holidays
* You are no longer allowed to finish a fight before having made your initial meld so all hoarders will cry now since they MUST open first and THEN finish. Exception: You ARE allowed to finish before making your first meld if it happens within the first 10 rounds.
* Added an information text at the bottom of the Settings

* Now disabling the Accept button in the Invite dialog when it’s pushed to prevent double push
* Active fights where you are excluded are now sorted in the column to the right in the Lobby
* Rewrote the redraw routine in the Lobby which means significantly faster updates (not refresh)
* When sorting tiles in a fight, only one click sound is played instead of 15 at the same time
* When exiting the app and quickly starting it again, the lobby is not refreshed anymore.
* When manually refreshing the Lobby by clicking the R in the logo, the titles in the lists are removed too.

* Long country names no longer continues outside the dropdown box
* If the very last thing happening in a fight was sending a gift, a DoubleTapFastForward didn’t show the endgame dialog

Several of these already exists in v1.45 for Android but the rest (and a fix for notifications) will be included in v1.46.

And if you don’t hear from me again in a few days: Merry Christmas to you all

_iOS Simulator Screen shot 19 dec 2012 13


iOS Simulator Screen shot 19 dec 2012 13

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