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A few more caps

I believe I forgot to post two screen caps last time so here goes:


NewFight is finally done. Really tricky one because the bookmark list is not really a listbox since you can pull objects out of it. I really like the new panel with PoolStatus by the way.

Here’s the same one in retina resolution. Definitely more details in the texts.



Search works too except that I still have to add the options to search for players I’ve blocked or who has blocked me.


Soon ready for test

I thought I would publish some screenshots so that you can see where we are in the development process. Most of the core functions are in place now so soon we will go into the first stages of testing.

Lobby is 100% done and working.

Board is almost finished. Only Gifts remains to be implemented

Tutorial is 100%

Statistics is 100%

Settings is finished except some minor things and uploading of the profile pics

Chat is 100% including the special commands, long- and shortclick on the profile pics as well as highlighting of your name wherever it appears (this was a bitch since iOS doesn’t support multiple colors in a text)

Profile is complete too, including all the functionality behind the buttons

Full support for themes. Both the old ones for the Android resolution and the new ones for the Retina display (these will be rescaled for Android players)

I think I need a vacation soon 😉


A few words

After a week where the focus has been on my kids and RummyFight only has been given time at nights, I am now back in the chair to take some big leaps forward with the app. Don’t misunderstand me. I have been working on RummyFight pretty much anyway but only on the little bits which I can finish in an hour or two.

But now I’ve begun attacking the bigger issues and one of them is the code I produced at the very beginning of project iOS-RF. I mean, I know lots more about iOS-programming now and the code I created a couple of months ago simply isn’t good enough anymore. 

“Ok”, you say, “but if it works, why touch it?” Well, the problem is that it works MOST of the time but not all of the time. We are back again at the memory issue problems. If you do it wrong, the app will certainly crash sometimes, maybe every 10th time you use it

“Ok, but that’s not so bad”, you say again. Well, multiply that number with 10.000 players making 20 melds a day and you have 20.000 crashes a day. A certain way to get an impopular app with low ratings.

So I’m back at the Lobby now, recreating the code for the listboxes with the fights. I’m halfway through already and it’s looking good. I will probably be finished by lunch tomorrow and then I will take a stab at NewFight since it uses a similar ListBox with the bookmarks.

During the week I have also upgraded to a later version of XCode (the development editor) and installed some drivers and updated some libraries. I was hoping that a later version of XCode would mean a better enviroment but apart from a few visual changes I haven’t been able to spot any improvements at all. It still sucks 😉

What also sucks is that I’m now convinced at how Apple was thinking when they made the iPhone. The discussions must have gone something like this:

“Ok, guys. We have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of resources. What should we focus on?”

“Let’s focus on creating a mobile phone that feels incredible to use, where everything flows smooth as magic and where the user experience is waay better than anything you’ve seen before”

“But what about the developers then? If we focus that hard on the user experience, isn’t there a risk that the developers will suffer with a bad development language, editor and framework?”

“True but if the phone is amazing, the developers will learn to develop anyway even if we would throw them a rock and a string to develop with since everyone would want to be a part of the experience”

So that is probably why Objective-C sucks, why XCode is at least 5 years behind and why it is almost impossible to enlist to the development program.

By the way, did I tell you we enlisted to become iOS developers in March, paid the fee at the same time and are still not approved (or rejected for that matter). With Google and Android it took us 4 days to go from enlisting to release of the app.

But then again… nothing is more important than user experience. Don’t bother to care about the developers.