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Making progress

I’m finally making some progress again with the new iOS version that should work with iOS 11. There are SOOO many things that need to be changed in the source code and some parts that have to be completely rewritten.

Due to the size of the RummyFight source code it is very difficult to know exactly what to rewrite and how, just to test if it’s working so instead of wasting a lot of time on this I have instead started programming a completely different app.

Why you ask?

Well, that app is using a lot of the same things as RummyFight. It can access pictures in the camera roll, it can open the camera, it can render bitmaps on the screen and allow them to be moved etc.

So while creating this new app, I’m also learning how to do things “the new way” and as soon as I have figured something out, I switch to the RummyFight project and implement working changes there.

So, now RummyFight can once again access the camera roll, open the camera, download theme pics and render them in the correct sizes etc.

Next task is to solve some memory issues that makes the app crash very often since the ARC is deallocating objects before I’m done with them.

Hope to find a strategy for this soon.
Keep your fingers crossed.