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Looking for beta testers

Today we finally went into testing. This means that the app is finished apart from some bug fixes and other small things.

This also means that we are in need of people willing to test RummyFight for iPhone (Not iPad at the moment since it looks like shxxt on that).

So if you are interrested, send me a mail to and tell me your name, your contact email address and your iPhone’s UDID (just follow the instructions at the link below to get that 40 digit ID).

And yes. This little gem is also a part of RummyFight for iPhone… of course 😉

How to get the UDID


It’s alive!

Finally managed to install RummyFight onto my iPhone.
It’s aliiiivvveee!


Working on the new designs

Lots of work latelty with the new designs. TonyBerg delivered several new ideas and small changes a few days ago and even though it might seem like a small task to change things like colors and buttons, there are really quite much work involved.

So the new “theme” of RummyFight is that the dialogs also will go green instead of black & white.

And after I’ve been looking at it for a while, I feel it works.

Most other pages have also received a makeover.
Do you like it?
(Scroll down on this page to see the old design)