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Yes, the tournaments are coming

We are still making progress with the tournaments feature in RummyFight. It’s a complicated process since it’s a feature that affects lots of parts in the app. Not only are we implementing the tournaments themselves but also four different fight modes, trophys for the winners, updated profile dialogs, updated statistics page but also the possibility to look at other players tournament fights while they are being played. Why this, you ask? Well, we thought it could be fun to watch a final in a tournament even though not being in it yourself, etc.

So what’s the current status then?
Well, most of the new things are already in place. Now we are working on the interface to make it easy to use and fun to look at. Pinch zoom in the Schedule, activation of the “if there has been three Passes in a row, then a winner is selected anyway”, etc.

Also, some new rules are being implemented regarding acceptable melds and there are lots of small improvements of the translations.

But we are getting there. Take a look at the screen shot of a tournament schedule and be your own judge.Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.03.32