Finally time for a new iOS version!

It took a while but now I am finally finished with an update for iOS. Up until now the latest version for that OS has been v1.46 and the Android people has had v1.48 to play with for quite a while. Now this can’t go on for too long and about 10 minutes ago I submitted the new version to iTunes.

It’s not v1.47.
It’s not v1.48.
It’s v1.49.

Yes, it’s true. For the first time in RummyFight’s history, the iOS version will be ahead of the Android version.
Why? Well, they’ve been waiting so long (more than 2 months now) and I feel it’s time for them to be in the front line for a while… at least until I have implemented the same functions in the Android version too.

So what’s new then?
Hmmm… let’s take a look at the Lobby for a start.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 16

Can you see what language it is in?
Yes, it’s true. The iOS version is finally localized too. Now it supports English, Swedish, Dutch and German which is autodetected based on the device’s settings. However it can also be overridden in Settings to be any of the four languages supported.

Also visible in the Lobby is the clock in the middle. This is added on popular demand. Seems lots of people spend a lot of time in the app and like to be able to see what time it is without having to leave the app. So… here you go. A clock showing the local time in the local time format.

So… what’s new besides this then?
Well, Tetpuz has had it’s graphics improved and also the bomb added. Bomb, you say. What’s that? Well, place it and tap it and you’ll see.
Then we have the Tutorial which is improved with some new slides and texts.
Then we have a couple of improvements and bug fixes. One of them was that the app sometimes could crash when leaving a fight. Fixed now.
Then there was a bug that showed the wrong creation time at newly created fights. Fixed now!
Another bug that didn’t show the FightText in the invite dialog – Fixed!
Improved error handling when trying to display a broken theme or profile pic. Shouldn’t crash the app anymore.
A small bug that showed the wrong space used in the Clear Cache dialog – Fixed!
An even smaller bug that sometimes didn’t put the name of the player in turn in bold text – Fixed.

And lots of text improvements here and there and other stuff too of course.

So, when will this v1.49 for iOS be available?
Well, we need to give the guys and girls at Apple some time to review and approve the update first. This normally takes about 4-7 days so hopefully it will be downloadable from App Store during the next week or so.

And what’s next then?
Well, the Android version will be v1.49 too soon. Then I will probably release a free ad-based version for iOS too.
After that… it’s time for Tournaments.

Keep your eyes up… and have fun!

1 Response to “Finally time for a new iOS version!”

  1. April 12, 2013 at 10:45 am

    aight again some nice work sir

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