And there we have v1.49 for Android too

Yesterday it was time for the release of v1.49 for Android too. Lots of small improvements and a few larger too.

First off is the clock in the Lobby. This was requested by lots of players since they spend a lot of time in the app and tend to forget the time.

With the introduction of localization in the app where different languages have longer or shorter words for the same things, the existing bottom menu didn’t really hold up anymore. It was too smart for it’s own good and created layouts that looked like shit on some devices. I therefore threw out this Android standard menu and created one on my own where I have full control over the layout and the visibility. Plus I was able to add the chat bubble indicator in the menu too if there are any unread messages in the fight.

Some devices don’t have a physical menu button so now I’ve added a visual one, available to tap to bring up the menu

Replaced three slides with new ones and finally there’s also a mentioning of the button lines changing color when the first meld is made.

With the introduction of localization in v1.48 the app autodetected the device’s language and displayed all texts accordingly. However some people have requested an option to override this and use another language than the detected one. Now this option is added in Settings too.

A little change for those using the free version. Now when they create a fight, they get to see the theme gallery and the list of custom roundtimes. However they can’t select anything other than the two built in themes and the standard 24 hrs roundtime. I made this change to allow them to see what they miss out on not buying the full version.

Now the app supports the german language too.

The old chat bubble in the lobby and fights, indicating there are unread messages in a fight is now replaced with a red badge which is much more visible and easier to spot.

* Lots of language changes and adjustments in the Dutch translation. Also some changes in the swedish and english versions.
* Location of the Exclude-line in lobby is now lowered by two pixels
* Page-indicator in the Tutorial is now yellow instead of white
* The report-button in About is now using bold text like all other buttons
* In Statistics, total points and number of fights is now formatted with dots and commas
* Bug fixed which didn’t allow gender to be changed in Settings if using another language than english
* The Delete-button in ProfileGallery is now localized too. Forgot that one
* Removed the double click sound when selecting a fight in the Lobby
* Made the “Press the menu button to see more settings”-text in Settings brighter and more visible
* Made the highlight showing whose turn it is in a fight a lot brighter
* Fixed bug which sometimes didn’t show recently created poolfights in the column to the right in the Lobby
* Adjusted the “flash” when tapping the buttons in a fight to cover the whole button area. Was a little unaligned before.
* The lines surrounding the buttons in a fight was a picture before. Now it’s vector lines, making for better upscaling on large displays
* Adjusted some textureatlases and realigned some textures in them to get rid of strange white or black lines on large displays.
* Theme pictures are now rendered with another option which should make them a little better quality
* Adjusted position of the ticker texts at the very top of some pages. Moved them up 2px

Well, that’s about all I can think about at the moment. Version 1.49 is already available at Google Play and should be available for download from Amazon within a few days.

And now it’s time to begin work on v1.50.
Tournaments, anyone?

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