Improvement of chat stability

It’s become evident lately that it is difficult to get the chat server to be 100% stable. This is due to all spywares that portscans and sends strange packets of information on all open ports in the world. This includes the port where the chat server is listening to incoming packets of chat data from the RummyFight app. I’ve tried to add filters, examining incoming data etc etc but it’s almost impossible to be protected against anything that might arrive, leading to the server acting strange.

I mean, it would be easy if it just died. In those cases it’s automatically restarted again. The problem is that I sometimes have woken up in the morning only to find the chat server looking 100% visually but not working properly logically. This has happened about 2 times last week and it’s at least once too many.

So I thought like this: If the most important task of the server is to accept incoming messages and respond accordingly, why not make a thin little client that sends a message to the server every 60 seconds? If no response has arrived within 10 seconds, then it’s likely that the server is down which means it’s restart-time.

So since about 15 minutes, the WatchDog is running on the chat server. This means that if the chat server ever is acting up in the future, this will be detected within 60 seconds and the server is then back online.

So now I can sleep again at nights 😉

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