I like to do the difficult ;-)

One nice feature of the coming iPhoneversion of RF is that the chat now supports Unicode characters, meaning that you will be able to write emojis and other emoticons and symbols in messages.

This is all nice and dandy but what can we do about our fellow Android users? Emoji is mostly an iOS feature and has only become available in later versions of AndroidOS. And to make things even more difficult there’s actually two versions of Emojis for iOS. One older where Apple made up their own standard and then the Unified standard which became available in iOS5.0.

This means that for the majority of the Android users, these icons will only show up as questionmarks or strange square symbols… and that’s not so much fun, right?

But I do like to do the difficult 😉

So now I have created some very nice code for the Android which makes RummyFight for Android to both accept writing and reading of Emojis. Both of the old standard and the new. In fact, the app now supports as many as 938 different icons and that should be enough for most users.

I’m happy with the result! Now RummyFight really is up there with the “big boys” since Emoji support is very rare as it is.

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