Getting close to release

It’s been quiet in the blog for a while. That’s because we’ve been busy.
Besides implementing the last features in RF-iOS, we have also managed to release another update of the Android version including a built in report system amongst several other things. I like the idea of making it EASY for users to report problems, ask questions, etc. On too many occasions I’ve seen apps with absolutely no support or customer service – and that is really bad.

So… back to the iOS-version of RF… or should I say iPhone version? You see, we will not release an iPad compatible RummyFight at the very beginning. This is simply because this would delay the release of RF another few months. Better to have it available for the iPhone people first and then release the iPad-version when we know it works and looks good.

Tomorrow we are planning on releasing the third test version to our faithful testers. This will probably also be the last test version. The next after that will be the release candidate and hopefully this is the version that will be sent to Apple for publication. The app is working fine in the tests. Almost no critical errors and the stability is nice too. We are also very proud to say that the iPhone version of RummyFight will be lots better and nicer looking than the Android version… but rest assured, as soon as the iPhone version is released, we will include the majority of the improvements in the Android version too.

And before someone asks: Yes of course you will be able to play with your iPhone against opponents on Android and vice versa. Everything is 100% compatible, including the themes so don’t worry.

We do have one concern about iPhone-RF though and it is that it will become very popular and overload our servers. We have no problems today with server load and we believe can double the existing load at least but what can we do if the popularity is even greater?

Well, we are taking measures with this too.
So in the next week we will move the RummyFight servers to a connection with 10 times the speed of today and we will also have the possibility to add more servers to our server park. At the moment there is a limit of 2 servers where they are located today, after the move it will be possible to have 10 servers active if we like. RummyFight is built for scalability and is a multi server solution already today so if we reach the glass ceiling – just add another server and double the capacity.

So there’s probably no need to be afraid at all.

1 Response to “Getting close to release”

  1. 1 gekko
    October 16, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    Nice work dude

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