Now we are CLOSE

Been working like a maniac the last week with the new “RummyFight for iOS8 and above” and as far as I can see in my papers I have now only ONE bug left to fix before it’s possible to release it.

When I woke up this morning there were TWO bugs left but I have finally made the notifications to work in the new version too, without having to change anything in the servers.

So, why did it take so long and what’s left then?

Well, the thing is. When I originally developed RummyFight there was the iPhone3 and iPhone4 only. The main difference (for me) between them were just that the iPhone4 had twice the resolution, meaning that I had to include two versions of all graphics and also recalculate everything’s positions according to the detected screen size.

Then… the iPad came, then the iPhone 5 (with a different screen ratio), then iPads with retina resolution, larger iPads, larger phones etc etc.

So, what I needed to do was build a coordinate system and layout capable of handling all these different screen modes.

And I think I’ve made it.

The new version of RummyFight will still work on iPhone 4 and then it will look like this:
Pretty similar to the old verison, right?

Then there’s the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 etc which uses a wider screen:
Looks almost the same but there are some shaded borders to the left and right.

And finally, the iPads which have a very different screen ratio. This is what it will look like on them:
This is a mix between the iPhone4 and iPhone5 modes but with black borders at the top and bottom.

So, the last thing to fix is that the coordinate system doesn’t quite work for iPads in the NEWFIGHT section. The players dragged to the seats have an offset I need to fix.

But otherwise, it seems to work elsewhere.
So, fix this in the coming day or so… breathe for an hour or two.

And thenĀ release!


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