Impossible mission

As some of you have noticed, RummyFight will not work on iOS 11 and is in need of an update. However it’s a VERY long time ago since the iOS-version of RummyFight received an update… and there’s a reason for that. Or rather, LOTS of reasons.

But to summarize: The code for iOS-rummyfight was originally written in Objective-C in XCode 4.3 and it used Cocos2D v1.1 for it’s graphics. Now, back in those days there were no automatic memory management so all allocations and deallocations were made manually by me in the code. Then time went by and one day I received a mail from Apple stating that they had released XCode 5. Sure… not problem. I didn’t care really. I mean, I could still compile RummyFight with v4.3, right?

Then there was a release of XCode 6, XCode 7, XCode 8… and at some point Apple also announced that they no longer would accept apps built with older versions of XCode.

Fine, I thought. It’s probably a sane decision by Apple, and how hard can it be to import my project into a newer version of XCode?

Harder than I thought, I realized.

First off, XCode 8 requires the latest version of the Apple operating system on the computer. That operating system only works on new Macs. So to even be able to start XCode I would need a new Mac. Luckily I got my hands on one about a year ago.

Then… the version of Cocos2D I was using with RummyFight didn’t even compile in newer XCode so I had to download a new version of it. That version ONLY supported the new memory management system called ARC which RummyFight wasn’t built according to. Also a lot had been changed in Cocos2D so it would require a MAJOR rewrite of the RummyFight code to even use it. Then Apple has introduced lots of changes too in how to build an app. They have removed functions, replaced them with others, changed structure etc. Phew!

So in short:
To be able to submit an update of RummyFight I would need to
1. Buy a new Macintosh
2. Install the latest operating system
3. Install the latest XCode
4. Download a new version of Cocos2D
5. Adapt the RummyFight sources to all the changes in Cocos2D and in Cocoa (Apple’s system)
6. Change memory management to ARC in all my code (all 28.733 lines of it)
7. Update all graphics and textures
8. Get it to compile

And all this just to correct a spelling error or somthing.

So, pretty impossible mission, right?
Well… then it’s probably time for me now to reserve a table at Milliways – the restaurant at the end of the universe. Don’t you think?

(The app still needs a lot of rewrites and testing and changes etc before an update can be released but at least I feel an update is now possible – not impossible anymore)

3 Responses to “Impossible mission”

  1. 1 Patricia Browning (Papillon)
    May 17, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Oh, poor Totta! This DOES sound like an impossible mission! I wish you the best!!

  2. 2 Toby Solomon
    May 22, 2017 at 4:31 am

    Many thanks for all the effort you’ve put in to your wonderful game. I’m happy to know there’s a probability to keep playing! I always considered paying for the app was enough but now I realise a donation is appropriate!

  3. 3 Nathalie
    May 24, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Thank you totta for all of your work!

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