Lots of database- and server problems lately

Just before christmas we had a major power out in our region and there was probably some kind of power spike or something when it happened since two of our three severs went completely dead afterwards. They didn’t even want to start anymore.

So to make sure RummyFight could be played again we borrowed a PC from a local computer store (Thanks http://www.databyran.nu), installed everything on it and got RF back online within 2 days, however a bit slow since now one server did all the work that two previously had shared between each other.

About 2 weeks ago we received two new permanent servers and we installed everything on them and configured them the same way the old ones were. We thought this would be the end of the problems but regardless of how we configured them, RF was running mysteriously slow.

So as a last resort we signed up to Google Cloud Services to use an online database in the cloud for all the data. Initially this looked like a great idea but then new strange things began to happen 2-3 times every evening where the database almost went to a complete standstill. We’ve been investigating this in collaboration with technicians at Google and they don’t know neither the reason nor the solution to the problem.

Yesterday I deployed a module I created myself that would cache and pool a lot of data and database connections and it seemed it solved some of the issues. Maybe I’m on the right track here. This day will determine if we can continue to use the cloud service so keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise we will have to figure out yet another idea to try out.

I just wish this can be solved soon so that I can continue focus on the app. It’s been 1.5 years now since the last update and I have had the new version at 95% ready for so long and it has such a large amount of nice new things and bug fixes in it I really would love to see it live sometimes.

I have it on my own phone and it’s great 😉

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