Ups and downs

Regular players know there has been some ups and downs on some of the systems of RummyFight lately. Especially the chat service and notification push. This is the results of us changing things, optimizing stuff and trying out new ideas. Unfortunately this has the drawback of the ideas sometimes not working or has to be carefully added for a couple of fights at the time. I can’t say the systems have been down a lot but it could be annoying enough to have the chat disabled for 5 minutes if there is something you would like to say to someone.

We apologize for this and can comfort you that we are done with the fiddling this time around and that the systems should be back to 100% now again. The results of our efforts have been good though. We can now tweak out some more percents out of the system and also some increased speeds. And this is good 😉

Regarding the iPhone release of RummyFight nothing has happened. It’s still in “Waiting for review”-status meaning that Apple hasn’t even touched it yet even though it’s been almost 5 days.

They really have to do something about this initial waiting time. I have no problem with them taking their time reviewing new apps but not having the resources to even start reviewing new submissions is just plain bad.

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