We are well aware of the possibility of a dramatical increase of usage once the iPhone users start arriving and since we love our very rapid response times of the servers today we would really like to keep it that way even though the traffic will be heavier. I am an avid player of other asynchronous mobile apps like wordfeud, ruzzle, nummi and similar and am very proud that none of them manage to deliver the same response speeds as RummyFight.

But this will probably not be the case in the future unless there are some optimizations and tricks made on our servers. We will therefor try out some ideas in the coming days to see what impact they will have on the server speeds. There are still lots that can be done especially in the database cache department but also in the communications between servers. Today RummyFight is using 2 servers for the main game but none of them are any monster and I like it that way (one of them is actually very small). Anyone can make a huge server move fast but the challenge is to tweak every little percentage out of smaller machines since it will make a huge impact the day we switch to larger ones.

We are also experimenting with an interresting idea since last night. About 1000 fights are currently outsourced to simple web hotel and the idea is to find out how well this works. If it’s a success it means that we will be able to use any computer out there capable of running .NET and MySQL as a fight server. It can be located anywhere in the world and it won’t matter. It will almost be like a cloud setup and that can give us almost unlimited computer power.

But first thing’s first. I do believe we can still tweak our in house servers to be able to handle at least twice the load today.

Still no word from Apple regarding our submission of RummyFight by the way. It’s still in “waiting for review”-status.

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