First meld done!

Today has been a good day. Besides identifying and correcting several generic errors I have made in regards to memory management, I have also been able to add much of the basic functionality in the fights so now it is possible to meld, get a new tile, pass, reset and undo. This means that it is now possible to actually play using the iPhone app.

I have also managed to add support for the Themes and it seems to work even though I haven’t yet implemented all controls to check if the bitmaps are valid etc. One nice feature of the themes is that they are now resized at the server before being sent to the app. This is useful since the iPhone 3GS only have about 60% of the screen size of the themes so why send something almost twice the size to the app?

This new feature I will implement as soon as possible in the existing Android version too since there are devices out there with a low resolution too and they probably have a small internal memory too which will make RummyFight for Android a little less resource hungry.

Now I will take the rest of the night off. Tomorrow I will focus on implementing the menu of the app. Otherwise it will be difficult to sort tiles, access chat etc.

But this is what the app looks like now. I kind of like it.


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