Slowly, things are coming alive

Today has been a good day. Lots of logic implemented and also some visuals.
Now the buttons are in place and also the logic that tells them when to be grayed, visible or active. Same goes for the players at the top where also the logic is in place to show whose turn it is, etc.

There is however an issue I must take a look at before moving on and it’s the numberguide (the white numbers on the playfield). On a non-retina screen the numbers are very small and when you zoom you can really see the artifacts. I don’t like that so I’m thinking about making the whole bitmap of the playfield twice as big and then show it in 0.5 scale. This means that the zoom will not scale it but instead show it in it’s native resolution.

I’m just a bit worried about memory consumption since the iPhone 3GS has quite little internal memory. We’ll see what happens but now I’m going to make dinner.


Edit: Fixed it. Added an invisible layer on top of the bitmap, scaled it to 0.5x and added the numbers in 2x fontsize. This way it looks better when zoomed. The bad thing is that now other things look bad in comparison. Hmmm…

1 Response to “Slowly, things are coming alive”

  1. 1 JayneMR
    July 26, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Hi…its looking good….ive left you a message at facebook

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