Finally some tiles


Now this might not look that impressive but there’s a lot more work involved than one can think. What you can’t see here is that the tiles are draggable, they are sorted, they are snapped to a grid, etc etc. All the basic functionality are there so now it’s time to actually start building the game module for real.

It’s nice to finally be back on the iPhone track again after I have focused a while on the Android version. There were a few bugs I really needed to sort out there first before I started porting the code to iPhone. I mean, the more I can trust the logic in the Android version, the more I can focus on recreating it without questioning it all the time. Could this be done better? Does this really work, etc.

Tomorrow I will begin the tedious work of convering all logic to the negative coordinate system. Everywhere there’s a > in the original code regarding to the Y axis, there should now be a <. It’s bound to be a disaster.

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