Bug finally found

Finally I think I have found out what causes some tiles sometimes not to show on the some boards for some people in some circumstances. I really hate bugs that only show up sometimes since they are a bitch to find.

But the fault is somewhere in the routine that playbacks the melds. I can’t say where since it’s really complicated and hard to understand even for me who has created it. So instead of finding out exactly what’s wrong, I’ve settled on accepting that something is wrong and the remedy is to rewrite it from scratch with another approach of code.

And it seems to work now. At least as good as the old code. Hopefully this means that the bug is gone too even though this will be something for the poor users to test for me. I can’t see any other way to do it since the problem only show up at rare cases, however it happens more often in 5 minute games than others. Hmmm…

Anyway, I’m currently testing out the new code now to see if there’s some unknown issues with it and then I plan a new release for Android. After that I will focus on the iPhone version again since this new code is lots better structured and easier to port.

As a bonus, the new code also has support for Actions. What this is will be a secret until revealed but I can give the hint that it mimics a function in the official web Rummikub at http://www.rummikub.com to some extent.

It will be fun 😉

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