Well, hello themes

It’s been two busy weeks with my daytime job, kids and illness so there hasn’t been that much work with iOS-RF as I would have hoped. However there’s still some progress being made. One problem I have faced is the lack of a proper dialog class in Cocoa. Sure, we have Alertdialog for simple YES/NO situations but as soon as you have a need for more than 2 buttons or button texts larger than 6-8 letters, the Alertdialog looks like shit since the buttons are placed below each other instead of the sides.

So this meant I had to invent my own dialog class from the bottom up which means I now have a MyDialog base class with all the basic dialog functionality in and then I create subclasses of it, like ProfileDialog, ThemeGalleryDialog etc. It works but I need to work some more on the visuals I think.

But functionality comes before beauty in this case anyway. At least at first.

So in honor of my new dialog class, I have implemented the ThemeGalleryDialog which also means that my FetchThemeInfo-class is working which fetches the theme bitmaps and the theme information from the server and caches it on the local device.

And I must say, it looks pretty good so far. Now my next task is to create a Dropdown-control. I find it a bit strange that this is not a standard control in iOS. Something as simple as choosing something from a list of options is not there. Yes sure, there is the Picker control but it’s HUGE. It uses up way too much space for my taste.

So I once again must reinvent the wheel. Ah well. I’m getting used to it now.

1 Response to “Well, hello themes”

  1. 1 inbal01012
    January 21, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Good game

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